How To Create a Great Meditation Room

Meditation can help you achieve a peaceful state of mind. People who are more serious about their meditation should designate a specific meditation room. This room should give you a sense of calmness and peacefulness.

Meditation Supplies for a Great Meditation Room

To make your meditation room a true meditating environment, set it up using various home supplies.


cd player

Music can help you achieve a true meditation state. Most people find it difficult to achieve a state of calmness when starting out, so music can help them get in that mood.


This is great meditation supply that can help you relax during your meditation practice. Before buying a box of incense, try a single stick first. Quality Middle Eastern or Asian supermarkets always have samples.



Most houses today have florescent or incandescent lights. Under these lights, people can find it very hard to meditate, even when their eyes are closed. It is recommended to meditate under the light of seven candles.

Peaceful photos.

rain forrest

Those peaceful pictures can include photos of animals or nature like sceneries from a rain forest.


vase of flowers

Nothing is more calming than smelling the fresh flowers.


Most people sit on the floor to do their meditation, but that’s not always a great idea. Meditating for over 15 minutes can cause muscle strain due to prolonged sitting, so it’s better to use meditations cushions. These cushions are similar to throw pillows with a softened padding. Purchase several cushions if you are considering a group session in the future.

Discontinuing your meditation practice can never lead to a successful mastery of the art itself. Each time you restart, you will again go back to the start. But if a great meditation room is created in your home, then this problem is minimized.