Guided Meditation: Six Simple Steps on Stress Reduction

Stress is a big part of daily lives. If an influence is positive, stress can motivate us to an action resulting to a new consciousness and a stimulating new perspective. If the influence is negative, stress can create a feeling of depression, anxiety, and anger. Because of that, health problems can be developed such as an upset stomach, headaches, insomnia, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

You don’t need to get rid of stress. All you need to do is manage it in a way that it can give you benefits. Insufficient stress levels can act as depressants letting you feel bored. While excessive stress lets you feel stocked.

To avoid stress build ups, you can try guided meditation.

1.    Practicing your breathing is the first step. If you observe that stress is starting to disturb you, just do a couple of sessions of light breathing. Concentrate on your breathing quality. Make sure that it’s light and still. Then slowly breathe deeper.

2.    Balance your posture and make it even, head up and back straight. Most people who are stressed out often do a slouching posture while frowning.

3.    Clear your mind. Start to imagine that you are swimming in relaxing waves. Feel the flowing waves in your consciousness that is taking away all you stress and anxiety. Make sure your body receives the constant flow of the waves.

4.    Acknowledge your stress. Find out what is its root cause. Clearly speak to your mind that the stress is true but you have the capacity to handle it by thinking straight and finding ways to deal and cope up with it immediately.

5.    Repeat this statement during your guided meditation process for at least ten minutes or more. Think of the person who caused you such stress and made you out of control. Control your mind and remove all the stress from it.

6.    concentrate on a decision that you have the right to a peaceful and free mind and nobody can say or do anything against this right, as you end the meditation process. Every time you need guided meditation, just dictate this decision to your mind.

These steps can do something to change your outlook whenever stress affects your life.