Meditation Retreat: Healing Places in California

A quiet room is the typical place to meditate, but sometimes you need to find solace on some other place such as retreat centers. Meditation retreat areas are established to provide relaxing place for anyone interested in meditation.

There are several meditation retreat areas in California to choose from.

Healing Places in California

Institute for Internal Transformation

San Francisco is the home for this meditation retreat institute. It is dedicated to teaching a way of achieving sustainable health and clarity.

The activities included will boost your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life. You will learn a lot about meditation, proper breathing, position of the body, awareness and relaxation.

Aside from being a meditation center, this place is also great to treat certain illnesses. It is a place where you may find the answers to your question on the purpose and direction of your life. Also, “Qigong” education is being taught there.

Esalen Institute

Esalen Institute has been established in the seventies in Big Sur, California. The place was built to provide tranquility and self-consciousness to anyone who visits it.

There is even a special center where you can meditate twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Other helpful activities are:

?    Wide-array of workshops for personal grow.
?    Meditation programs such as yoga.
?    Tranquil sceneries.

Circles of Air and Stones

Circles of Air and Stone offers vision quests, workshops, and trainings. Those who want to look for their inner self in the nature may find the answer in the Circles of Air and Stones in Vermont.

“Vision Quests” is the main program where participants have to run through a four day quest alone. Other aids for meditation are the activity called “Adventures of the Spirit” aimed to create a triumphant and significant channel of an individual’s living.

Ananda Meditation Retreat

Surrounded by 72 acres of meditation gardens and wild forest in Nevada, this center offers personal retreats, guided silent meditation retreats and much more.

There are two meditation programs to participate in:

1.    Kriya Yoga Meditation – this is a process of contemplation to realize the essence of God.
2.    Ashram Program – this is a process where you have to carry out real spiritual experience by living the way it should be.

The center also offer personal retreats such as Personal Meditation Instruction; Directed Seclusion;Massage; and Some Alternative Healing.

Why are we sharing these centers? Sometimes it is best to move out of your own sanctuary and to be in a place where you can find new solace. By doing so, you are able to explore yourself deeper.