Walking Meditation For a Healthier Life

Meditation is an art. It is the art of keeping in touch with yourself and discovering all your potentials. But, it is also a skill that has be developed. It requires lots of discipline and right mindset. You have to know that you will not just meditate and then immediately achieve a great results. When one thinks of meditation, we always have in mind some sort of physical inactivity. Does meditation always have to look like this?

Walking meditation

One unusual type of meditation that deviates from the traditional concept is walking meditation. Walking meditation is a lot different from other forms. You won’t have to be physically inactive just to meditate. In fact, you need be active and walk! You have to engage your mind and body to experience a holistic positive result of walking meditation. And since walking is a daily activity, you can actually grow everyday!

With walking meditation you can meditate anywhere, even noisy and crowded places. You can’t allow the world to bind your mind into it with the things that you see or hear. You may be aware of them, but you must not focus on them. Do not cling to anything. There will always be stuff that catches your attention as you walk. You have to let them pass by, observing them without doing anything at all.

With walking meditation you will achieve a balance between your inner self and the world surrounding you. You will feel your entire body, and be aware how each of your body parts operate. You will also notice your emotion and your mood. These are all done while you walk.

The ideal result of walking meditation is the consciousness of the outside world while being completely aware of your inner self. When this is achieved, puzzles of life will become clearer and simpler.