Why You Should Keep a Daily Journal?

I have been keeping journals since I was 7 years old and am now 30. I still have all of them. Boxes and boxes of diaries. I like to have all those memories and be able to read them whenever I want.

Without any doubt, I can say it was my most important self-improvement habit that resulted in improving every single aspect of my life – professional and personal.

I can’t guarantee that you will see improvement right away, but in the long shot, it will allow you to grow tremendously.

daily journal

On a daily basis, your journal will allow you too:

Plan every day.
Imagine you are a dog sitter. You have five dogs that you need to take for a walk and they all want you to go different direction. I believe same thing happen when you don’t plan your day. With so many things you need to do, your mind just wanders from one thing to other and at the end you spend more time to do everything than if you planned everything the day before.

Write Down Clear Goals.
It’s always easier to accomplish something that you write down and set the time constraint. The things that are noted have a big impact on your actions. You embody your goals and make them actionable by scribbling out.

Live More Productive Life.
After you write down your dreams and goals, your brain can just focus on getting things done and make your dreams come true!

You will be able to look back to past years and do an honest self-evaluation of how you have been spending your time in the past. It allows you to look back on previous experiences and measure how you’ve grown since that time.

Clear Your Mind.
Your daily journal will help you clear your mind off nagging thoughts. Just write them down and you can forget about them. This is especially helpful during a divorce, when you have a lot on your mind. You have to think about your attorney (check out LawTrek if you still don’t have one), your ex spouse, maybe even your children. You definitely need something to clear your mind.

Enjoy Your Memories.
By using daily journal, you can look back after few years and see why you cried, laughed or stressed about on every particular day.

If you’re still not ready to start journaling or meditating, you can still do a lot to change your life. Self-help and personal development starts with positive thinking on a daily basis. A book ‘How to Live Life in a Positive Bubble’ can help you by providing inspirational and motivational help and teaching you how to successfully navigate the up and down roller coaster of life.

If you’re interested in journaling but just don’t know how to start, remember these questions:
1. What was the highlight of this day?
2. What was the lowlight of this day?
3. Did you learn anything today?
4. What would you like to change and how would you do it?

Write just for 5 minutes every day. It will not take much of your time and you will feel much better after it. And after some time – you will form a powerful habit.

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